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New WorkSafe data released this week shows work-related deaths are on the rise, with three deaths recorded in the West District in the past fiscal year. Data is from fiscal year 2020-21 and includes Warrnambool City Council, Moyne, Corangamite, Glenelg and Southern Grampians counties. Across the region, there were 492 WorkSafe injury claims. Industries with the highest number of claims included health care and social assistance with 98 claims, manufacturing (81 claims), and agriculture, forestry and fishing (80 claims). This is an increase from the previous 2019-20 fiscal year, where there was one work-related fatality and 472 injury claims. Industries included health care and social assistance with 95 claims, manufacturing 75 claims, and agriculture, forestry and fishing 72 claims. WorkSafe chief executive Colin Radford said the most common injuries in 2020-2021 included the musculoskeletal system with 164 claims, 80 injury, laceration and amputation claims and 72 fractures. Injuries to the musculoskeletal system increased from 132 in 2019-2020, as did injuries, lacerations and amputations with 103 claims in the previous year. There were 95 claims for traumatic injuries to tendons, muscles and ligaments in 2019-2020. In 2020-2021, the most common causes of injuries were 167 cases of bodily stress, 133 incidents where a person was struck by moving objects and 103 falls, trips and slips. The number of bodily stresses fell from 157 in 2019-2020, while the number of falls, trips and slips (122 claims) and collisions with moving objects (103 claims) decreased compared to the year previous. IN OTHER NEWS: Occupational Health and Safety Month runs throughout October and includes 20 webinars on a variety of topics. Mr Radford said it was an opportunity for employers and workers to stay connected during tough times and keep up to date with the latest information on occupational health and safety. “As we all continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, it remains more important than ever that health and safety be a priority, whether you are training in the community or remotely from a home office,” a- he declared. “We all have a role to play in workplace safety, so I encourage everyone to visit the website and register for sessions that are relevant to them,” he said. Former Camperdown Football Netball Club player / coach Dan Casey, who now lives near Colac, will share his journey back to work as part of the event. In 2014, Mr Casey had his foot severely crushed in the dumpster of a bobcat bucket while working as a manager for a southwestern haulage company. The incident left him with a crushed foot that required 30 surgeries. Mr. Casey said his experience goes to the heart of WorkSafe’s existence and he is eager to share his story. “From lying in the hospital to doing what I’m doing now, I think it’s pretty amazing and the people who went through the trip with me are quite happy that they got to be part of it,” Mr. Casey said. “If one thing I can do is share my story and try to prevent the next accident from happening, well, I did what I wanted to do with that accident.” I don’t want to see anyone d ‘other live what we spent. “To register or for more information on webinars, go to Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community This is how you can access our content:


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