Why some personal injury lawsuits can take a long time to settle


One of the most important things you might need in an ongoing personal injury lawsuit in Florida is your patience. Some cases may take a while to be fully resolved, and unexpected twists and turns may cause further delays. Dealing with large or complicated injury claims in court or mediation can be difficult, especially if you try to go it alone, or take a misstep and undermine your own case.

It’s very important to follow your lawyer’s advice from start to finish to get the best results – even if it takes a while.

If you’re wondering what factors can cause a case to take a long time to complete, here are the reasons your attorney might tell you.

• Calculation of all medical treatment costs – Accidents such as car collisions can lead to serious injuries that take time to recover. For example, brain injuries and bone fractures could take months to heal. In order to pursue the compensation terms being negotiated in your personal injury lawsuit, you will need to determine the amount of your medical expenses that may be reimbursed.

As long as you receive treatment, the amount may continue to accumulate and until you are cleared of a full medical bill, your personal injury case may be put on hold until all costs are cleared. calculated for your pursuit.

• A large sum of money is involved – If the damage is significant enough, the liable insurance company may drag its feet or try to evade full compensation. Insurance companies that are prepared to cover the damage could also deliberately cause delays by finding fault and denying that the damage is covered by their coverage policy.

In these cases, further investigation and negotiations may take place in order to prove the truth of your injuries in court. There are also many cases where the insurance companies would try to underestimate the victims and prolonging the lawsuit by delaying is an effort to make you desperate. Before accepting any offer to settle, consult your personal injury lawyer.

• Missing or incomplete evidence – Sometimes it is very difficult to collect solid evidence of chaotic accidents. For example, car collisions that result in large fires could destroy important evidence. Lawyers and authorities should find other ways and sources to obtain more evidence, and the search may take some time. Investigations could last a few days, but they could also take months. Missing and incomplete proof could be a cause of delay for your file.

• Plaintiff refuses to listen or cooperate with lawyer – There are several instances where personal injury lawsuits are further delayed due to a misstep caused by the client. While it’s understandable that strong emotions can cause you to act recklessly, certain decisions like accepting lowball offers without consulting your lawyer, or sharing your case details on social media, could jeopardize all your hard work and you back to square one.

Common customer missteps can also include photos on social media which can negatively affect the injury claim – the insurance company will likely observe any claimant’s social media accounts.

This is why it is extremely important to listen to the advice of your personal injury lawyer and to follow his instructions. Get in touch with professional lawyers so that you have no doubts about their decisions.

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