What Happens in a Personal Injury Case in the State of Florida?


Most Florida car crashes are straightforward. They can shake you up and cause a bit of property damage, but the parts can go away. However, when a car accident is really serious, it can cause serious injury. These injuries are very expensive and can put the victim in a difficult financial situation. In these cases, in order to obtain compensation for the injuries, they will have to file a claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies aim to make money and often go out of their way to avoid paying a fair claim. If this happens, you will need to work with a personal injury lawyer to help protect your rights. Here is the process.

The initial consultation

The initial consultation with a lawyer usually takes place after the victim has already seen a doctor. In most cases, this is when insurance companies are unfair and infringe the rights of the victim. Once the victim has done their due diligence and found a qualified lawyer, they will begin with an initial consultation. The initial consultation is an overview of what happened during the accident. During this meeting, the victim will detail the accident and the damage including injuries and material damage to his vehicle. The victim can also provide the lawyer with all documentation of the accident and injuries at this point.

The prosecutor is investigating

Once the auto accident lawyer understands the circumstances, he or she will begin to investigate the case. They will review everything from your medical records and police reports to reviewing photos or video footage of the accident. During this time, your lawyer may ask you a lot of questions. They will also bring together everything the insurance companies have collected and handle all communications. This is one of the longest processes in the personal injury process, but it’s important to make sure the story is supported by plenty of evidence. Finally, they will review some of the laws surrounding cases like yours to create a legal framework for your right to damages.

Demand and negotiation

Once the investigation is complete, the lawyer will determine the claim. The claim will include the value of all damages suffered by the victim during the accident. They will generally include all damages such as medical bills, lost wages and benefits, and even non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. They will then claim the full value of the compensation from the insurance companies. If the insurance company accepts, the value is paid and the case is closed. However, it is rare. In most cases, insurance companies will come back with a lower offer as a cost saving measure. The lawyer will begin negotiations and attempt to reach a settlement acceptable to all parties. If they do, the case will be closed. Otherwise, legal action will be filed.

The trial

If you need to take legal action for your personal injury claim, there are a few steps that will take place:

● The attorney will file all necessary documents with the Florida courts to begin the litigation process.
● There will be a discovery phase during which all parties gather evidence and investigate the case further. This is the period that takes the longest.
● Before going to trial, there may be negotiation and mediation to try to find a fair settlement before going to trial. In most cases, this is where the complaint is resolved.
● If there is no resolution, the case will go to the court system where it will be brought to trial in a civil court.

Rarely do accident cases go to court. However, it is very important to make sure that when you hire an accident lawyer, you hire one with trial experience in case he goes to court.

In the state of Florida, the personal injury claim process is very complex. It requires a lot of legal knowledge, documentation and negotiation. It is important that you have a qualified lawyer by your side throughout the process. The JusticePays.com team can help you. We’ve helped over 10,000 personal injury victims in Florida recover over $ 500 million in settlements. We fought for their rights up to court. We can fight for you.

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