What can I expect during my personal injury case?


After you’ve been involved in an accident, whether it’s a car crash or a slip-fall, or if you are making a claim on behalf of someone who has suffered a wrongful death, you ask yourself maybe how the personal injury process is going and what is expected of you.

Free initial consultation and initial information

The first step in a personal injury case is hiring a lawyer. Many people fear hiring a personal injury lawyer because of the high fees typically associated with working with a lawyer, but most personal injury lawyers work on an emergency basis, which means they pay all of your upfront legal costs, and the victims do. not pay unless their lawyer wins their case for them. After winning, their lawyer will take a percentage of the amount awarded by the court, usually between 30% and 40%. Most personal injury attorneys also offer a free case assessment where they review your evidence, such as medical bills, and listen to your description of the events. They then determine whether or not you have a strong enough case for them to represent you. Most victims will meet an average of three personal injury lawyers before making their final decision.

The legal process

Once you have chosen the lawyer you want to work with and have agreed to take your case, they will serve as the adversary in your case – called the defendant – whose lawyers will file a response. This will officially kick off the case where both parties collect evidence by interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence and exchanging information. Both parties can also present preliminary motions to the court.

While your personal injury lawyer is ready to take your case to court if necessary, they usually try to resolve the case through settlement. This could be, for example, mediation. If your case is resolved, you will receive a payment amount that has been negotiated by both parties. At that point, the case would end.

However, if both parties cannot resolve their differences, the case will be tried and your lawyer will present your case to a judge and jury.

Compassion and care

You should expect compassion and care from your personal injury lawyer and accept nothing less than their empathy and respect. When you call your lawyer’s law office, you should expect to speak directly to your lawyer, not legal helpers. This is important because too many businesses focus too much on recruiting new clients and then passing them on to legal counsel. They make an impressive presentation during the free case assessment and then disappear to impress others.

Your lawyer should respond to your requests and concerns promptly. When someone has been injured in an accident, they not only face the financial stress of paying their medical bills and other bills due to inactivity, but also depression and stress at home due to their physical disability. . Members of your household may be faced with responsibilities that they did not have before. All lawyers go to law school, but not all have the empathy and respect needed, so choose someone who you think has your best interests at heart.


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