Vaccine injury advocate Daniel Alholm on fair treatment for people

  • David Plazas is the Opinion and Engagement Director for USA TODAY Network Tennessee.

As I write this introduction to the Tennessee Voices podcast episode, I want to make it clear that my guest Daniel Alholm is not a vaccine denier or opponent.

When Alholm sent me an essay submission a few months ago, however, I had to do extensive research to understand his role as a vaccine injury advocate.

This led me to a rabbit hole to find out more about the National vaccine victims compensation program (NVICP), a 35-year government fund that vaccine manufacturers pay into to compensate people who have been injured as a result of a vaccine.

Daniel Alholm

Alholm wrote: “The most common vaccine-related injury is called SIRVA, which stands for Shoulder injury from vaccine administration. SIRVA has nothing to do with the vaccine itself, rather it occurs when the vaccine is administered incorrectly, causing the vaccine to enter the recipient’s purse. “

The COVID-19 vaccine is not covered by NVICP at this time because it is considered a “countermeasure”. the Compensation Program for Victims of Countermeasures (PICC) is not generous and Alholm is advocating for fairness so that a person injured by the COVID vaccine receives the same access to compensation as a person injured by the administration of the flu vaccine.

In this episode, we explored this complex issue and also explained how it has suffered the most criticism from people who have politicized the COVID vaccine.

Editorial by Daniel Alholm:Treat Americans Injured by COVID-19 Vaccine Fairly

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