Two victims of train crash in Salisbury file personal injury complaint


Victims of the train crash at Salisbury may suffer psychologically and not just physically, according to lawyers representing two passengers.

Fieldfisher’s critical injury attorneys, award-winning injury claims attorneys, have confirmed that they have been instructed to file a personal injury claim for two of the injured victims.

Fieldfisher said the thirteen people taken to hospital after the incident included a child.

Fieldfisher’s lawyers, Jill Greenfield and Dushal Mehta, will represent the victims who tried them.

Fieldfisher lawyers represent two victims of the Salisbury train crash. Side-by-side photos of Jill Greenfield (right) and Dushal Mehta (left) from Fieldfisher

Jill Greenfield said: “Fortunately, most of those involved were not seriously injured physically, but the psychological injuries may be much more severe for people trapped on a train thinking they might die.

“We will investigate what happened and do everything to make sure our clients receive the proper medical care to deal with their injuries.

“Our hearts go out to everyone involved and their families.”

Fieldfisher describes himself as the UK’s leading personal injury, medical negligence and asbestos compensation lawyer.

A spokesperson said that what sets the Fieldfisher team apart is that they step in early to see what medical treatment or rehabilitation each person needs, so that they can come back “as far as possible. possible “to what it was before the injury.

For more information, visit the Fieldfisher Site where the contact details of the two lawyers have been provided.

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