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As head of the personal injury practice of local attorney MacElree Harvey Tim Rayne has helped County of Chester accident victims have been treated fairly by insurance companies for over 25 years. This is why he became a lawyer and what drives him every day to fight tirelessly to obtain justice for his clients.

Since graduating from law school, Tim has always been a personal injury lawyer unlike those depicted as “ambulance chasers” or on TV promising “big cash payouts”.

Tim said: “I think a personal injury case is about liability and fairness. In a typical case, the defendant broke a safety rule and caused unnecessary injury and should be held accountable to make the community safer. At the same time, the victim suffered injuries and has expenses that deserve to be fairly compensated. My mission is to obtain this just compensation.”

Tim is one of County of Chester clean. Its local roots are deep. He was born and raised and lived most of his life in Kennet Square. Tim’s parents, Malcolm Rayne and Susan Woodward were both local schoolteachers (in fact, Tim’s dad was his 5th grade teacher). Inspired by two uncles who were local lawyers, George Brutcher/Kennett Square and Tim Barnard/Media, Tim wanted to be a litigator from an early age. He was also always enterprising. He started a car wash business as a young teenager, a firewood cutting business in high school, and eventually a house painting business in college, working his way through the University of Delaware operation of the business between classes. Working full time, he went to law school in the evenings at Widener University, where he met his wife of nearly 30 years, Amee. During his senior year of law school, Tim landed a clerkship with a local legal legend, William Gallagher who ran the full service County of Chester firm, MacElree Harvey and the rest is history. He was with MacElree Harvey for his entire legal career of over 25 years, rising from clerk to partner to partner and member of the firm’s management team.

And it’s a whole law firm to be proud of – the best resources, the best lawyers and staff and more. MacElree Harvey was recognized by US News and World Report as one of the “Best Law Firms in America” ​​and by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the “Best Places to Work in PA”. MacElree Harvey has offices located at West Chester, Kennet Square, philadelphia creamDowntown and Hockessin, Delaware.

Today, Tim handles a wide variety of personal injury cases: car, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, slips and falls, dangerous goods cases, dog bites and medical malpractice. “I love that even though I focus my practice in one area of ​​law, every case is different. I’m a storyteller. I dig deep to get to know my client and try to really understand how and why the accident happened so that I can tell a compelling story and achieve a fair recovery for my client. My goal is also to teach the accused a lesson and make the world a safer place.”

Tim has had some crazy cases in his career: a client who was seriously injured in a fire in an operating room, a car accident caused by horses that escaped from a local farm and crashed through a car window, and even a man shot dead in a hunting accident. .

In addition to representing clients, Tim has made it his mission to educate the public on how they can protect themselves and their families by making the right insurance choices. Tim’s book, Protecting Your Family from Accidents, his hundreds of YouTube videos, blogs on his website, www.timraynelaw.comarticles in the Daily Local – all aimed at educating people about important legal topics and keeping them safe.

“One of the most satisfying things for me is when something I’ve talked about in my articles or videos helps someone. For example, a close friend of mine was seriously injured in a car accident. car, and I was able to get him a fair recovery only because he read my articles and saw my videos on the importance of buying underinsurance coverage.”

Tim’s offices are at Kennet Square and West Chester. In his spare time, Tim enjoys traveling with his wife and two children, Sierra and Mac and loves golf, paddle tennis and yes, surfing. Ask him about it.


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