TikTok user’s € 60,000 compensation claim dismissed after court saw video of him dancing on “It Wasn’t Me”


A salesperson (29) with thousands of TikTok and YouTube subscribers denied defrauding the Welfare Ministry with large sums of money.

Sean McMillan of Cromcastle Park, Kilmore West, Coolock, Dublin for damages of € 60,000 for bodily injury against three defendants was dismissed by Judge Cormac Quinn of the Circuit Civil Court.

The judge said he had “heard enough” during cross-examination of Mr. McMillan’s testimony about a fall on a bus.

The court has been informed by Gerard O’Herlihy, on behalf of Dublin Bus, that Mr McMillan had received € 35,000 in social assistance since he fell out of a seat on a bus in Fairview in January 2016.

Mr McMillan denied a suggestion by Mr O’Herlihy that he defrauded the Welfare Department by claiming disability benefits when clear evidence from his own line dancing videos revealed he did not. had been disabled in any way.

He said he did not lie to his doctors, the defendants’ doctors or the court.

Lawyer Frank Martin, of Suttle Landscapes, whose driver Deirdre Fairbrother allegedly caused the bus to brake suddenly, told Mr. McMillan he looked like “Mr. Wobbly” on the bus following a incident in which CCTV showed that no other passengers had been thrown from their seats.

Mr Martin told Mr McMillan that his own GP believed he was a chancellor and had not given him any treatment in connection with his alleged back injuries.

The court had seen Mr McMillan dancing and doing squats and flips in videos he uploaded to his social media accounts, including his dance routine to Shaggy’s song. It was not me on Youtube.

Justice Quinn said he had heard and seen enough and dismissed Mr. McMillan’s case.

He ordered him to pay the Dublin Bus court costs; Landscapes of Suttle, Clontarf, Dublin; and Deirdre Fairbrother, Estuary Road, Malahide, Co Dublin.

None of the three defendants had to produce direct evidence to challenge Mr. McMillan’s claims before they were dismissed by the court.


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