The Usefulness of Reconstructing a Truck Crash in a Personal Injury Claim


After an accident with a truck, the result can be devastating. Often, people in a small passenger car suffer the brunt of the damage. It’s not easy to get out of a crash with a large truck unscathed, and people in smaller vehicles are more vulnerable to catastrophic injury and death.

If you’ve been in a truck accident in Mississippi, Bob Germany is a Jackson Truck Accident Lawyer who can help you with your claim. Investigating the details of your accident can help your claim. Rebuilding a truck accident can help determine why the accident happened and improve your chances of holding the trucking company and truck driver accountable.

What is the purpose of rebuilding after a truck accident?

When a reconstruction of a truck accident is performed, it can result in greater clarity as to how the incident happened. Specifically, the following can be discovered:

  • How the truck accident happened.
  • Was the accident preventable and, if so, how could it have been thwarted.
  • What happened during the accident that may have contributed to its occurrence.
  • In what direction was each vehicle involved traveling?
  • How fast each vehicle was traveling.
  • If a human error component existed.
  • What position was each vehicle in when the accident occurred?
  • The time when the accident took place.

Typically, when a truck accident rebuild occurs, an experienced professional will examine the accident scene and extract all the information about the accident. The sooner an expert can get to the scene of the accident, the more solid the information collected can be.

However, if an expert cannot visit the scene, he or she can review all other information taken at the scene, including photos. The expert will examine the photos and use the following to determine what happened:

  • The weight of each vehicle involved in the accident.
  • What weather is it.
  • The condition of the road.
  • In which direction was each vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Braking of each vehicle and direction.

When the negligent actions of a truck driver lead to your accident, rebuilding the truck accident is a critical part of the process of determining what happened. The information obtained may be useful for your complaint.

After a Jackson truck accident, getting medical attention for injuries is essential. Then, after being seen by a doctor, contacted the German law firm, PLLC is a good next step. The Jackson’s auto accident lawyer can examine your case and discuss with you the options available for obtaining financial compensation.

Talk to a Jackson Truck Accident Lawyer Today

To speak with a Jackson personal injury lawyer after your truck accident, you can call the German law firm, PLLC, and schedule a free consultation at (601) 487-0555.

Because commercial truck accidents can be so involved, they tend to be much more complicated than passenger vehicle crashes. Working with a truck accident lawyer can be beneficial in disentangling every detail of an accident and holding responsible parties accountable. Consider calling Germany Law Firm, PLLC today.

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