The Recorder – Personal injury lawyers should go to Ukraine


Published: 03/23/2022 21:48:10

Modified: 03/23/2022 21:47:31

Injuries are not lacking in Ukraine. Clearly we have an abundance of self-proclaimed casualty champions who are heartily desperate for not having enough casualties. You can’t turn on the TV without being assaulted with the question “have you been hurt?” All claim they will get justice. It is our humanitarian obligation to send all personal injury lawyers to Ukraine to help the real victims of injuries. It will be a simple chore for lawyers who can handle real cases that they don’t have to exploit or fabricate.

Moreover, it will help inflation. Without lawyers placing a financial burden on insurance companies, our compulsory insurance (it’s a tax by another name) should drop significantly. Our costs should be further reduced because insurance companies can reduce their legal staff and their copious publicity dedicated to the relationship of compulsory insurance (it’s a tax by another name) with bodily parasites. We can also send them to Ukraine.

Moreover, it will send the message to Putin that they are serious.

Leo Ojala



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