“The official injury claims portal is just not working”


“We still intend to publish data relating to the first quarter of operation of the official injury claims service in the near future. However, given the recent change in ministerial responsibilities, the release of the data had to be delayed for a few weeks and will likely now take place in October. “

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On September 15, Dominic Raab was appointed Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, replacing Robert Buckland. Raab is now also Deputy Prime Minister.

For First4Lawyers Marketing Manager Andy Cullwick, a ministerial change is not a valid reason for the aforementioned delay.

“Publishing data shouldn’t be a political issue,” Cullwick said in a statement sent to Insurance company, “And certainly a change of ministers should make no difference – what decision should they make? The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that the data does not paint a happy picture and the Justice Department is playing time before having to deliver the message that the official injury claims portal is just not working.

“The main problem is just that it’s far too difficult for most people to navigate on their own. The OCI was built on the basis that injured people would not need a lawyer to use the system, but data from insurers indicates that only about 10% of people go it alone. So on its fundamental metric, the portal is failing.

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Cullwick, however, believes the delay is the least of the plaintiffs’ concerns.

He said: “The other main issue is how the so-called mixed claims – involving multiple injuries, some covered by the OIC tariff and others not – are handled. Everyone knew it would be a huge task, but the Justice Department simply shrugged it off and sent it to the courts for them to decide at some point in the future.

“In the meantime, the injured people are left in limbo and the delay in releasing OIC data is the least of their problems.”

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