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Clayton, MO: The Law Offices of Kevin J Roach, LLC offers exclusive legal services to clients injured due to someone’s negligence and car accidents. the personal injury lawyer represents car accident victims, helping them file insurance claims and build a strong case to hold the negligent motorist responsible for the accident. Whether the client was injured in a rear-end collision, T-Bone accident, frontal impact, side-slide or off-road accident, the firm helps the victim analyze all the facts available and file a claim for damages with the other party’s insurer.

In addition to Clayton MO Personal Injury Lawyer helping the accident victim to file his claim and start the compensation process, he helps him to estimate the value of the file. In the event that the client was disabled in the accident, the attorneys help them file disability paperwork and appeal insurance denials if the other party’s insurer denies liability. The car accident lawyer also represents clients by giving insurance claims and following other processes so that they get their fair compensation. If the client has any questions or concerns, the team offers counseling services before and during legal proceedings.

Law Firms of Kevin J Roach, LLC also represent clients who have suffered burns, severe whiplash injuries, traumatic brain injuries and broken bones from truck accidents. Since truck accidents often involve multiple defendants such as employers, fleet owners and drivers, the firm offers a personalized approach, which is essential in determining the responsible party. Additionally, the firm helps the client navigate insurance claim processes, which are often complex for a truck accident victim, ensuring that they receive the compensation they are entitled to. Other auto-related accidents that the team offers legal services include boat, bicycle, bus, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents.

The law firm also offers personalized legal services to victims of slips and falls, nursing home abuse and defective products. While cases in all three practice areas have much in common, such as negligence by the other party, each case is unique in terms of the evidence and the laws available. To ensure that each client maximizes their chances of obtaining a fair settlement, the firm first offers a free case assessment before building the case and contacting the other party’s insurer for compensation. Also, the firm ensures that liability proceedings seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages suffered by the client.

The law offices of Kevin J Roach, LLC are located at 7733 Forsyth Boulevard #1100, Clayton, MO, 63105, USA. Clients interested in the services of a personal injury attorney can contact the team at (636) 812-4040. Visit the company’s website for more information.

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