Tampa Florida Personal Injury Attorney Juana Rojas of the Rojas Law Group.


Rojas Law Group (+ 1-813-879-2223) recently updated its comprehensive legal services, providing visitors and residents of Tampa, Florida with professional support if they’ve been involved in a bicycle accident or car.

Local attorneys can understand and apply the latest updates in insurance law to help people receive appropriate compensation for the bicycle and automobile related injuries they sustain in Tampa Florida and the regions. surrounding areas of Sunshine State.

More information is available at https://rojaslawgroup.com

Juana Rojas, CEO of Rojas Law Group located in Tampa, Florida, is an expert lawyer for car and bicycle accidents, including those causing injury and death. Its team of certified attorneys can now offer advice to visitors to Florida as well as residents seeking compensation for no-fault or no-fault auto accidents.

Ms. Rojas of Tampa Florida is a graduate of the College of Law, University of Utah and also has a BA in Psychobiology. She has extensive experience representing people involved in auto crashes at various successful businesses before opening her own office in Tampa.

Those interested can find out more about Juana Rojas by visiting https://www.linkedin.com/in/juana-m-rojas

Since Florida auto insurance laws differ from those in other states, it is essential that those affected by bicycle accidents find an attorney with specific local experience. People involved in accidents may need a bicycle accident lawyer who can help them achieve a desirable outcome in their lawsuit. Primarily, the Rojas Group of Tampa, Florida recommends that people involved in an accident file a police report to establish liability in an insurance settlement.

This includes reporting any injuries and seeing a doctor so that there is sufficient information about the consequences of the accident on file. The Rojas Law Group of Tampa, Florida is made up of licensed personal injury attorneys and motor vehicle accident experts who are committed to securing adequate compensation for the injuries, loss of earnings and emotional suffering of their clients. .

A spokesperson for the company said, “If you or a loved one has suffered serious or fatal injuries in a bicycle accident, you should speak immediately with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer. Attorney-at-law Juana Maria Rojas of Tampa, Florida has the skills, compassion and determination to help you prove your case and get the compensation you need. “

More information can be found by visiting https://rojaslawgroup.com/contact-us or by calling + 1-813-879-2223.

Contact information:
Name: Juana Maria Rojas
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Rojas Law Group
Address: 3405 West Columbus Drive Suite A, Tampa, Florida 33607, USA
Website: https://rojaslawgroup.com/

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