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Kansas City, Missouri – Siro Smith Dickson PC has represented clients in matters of sexual harassment, whistleblowing, discrimination, Social Security disability, personal injury and workers’ compensation. Auto, Motorcycle and Freight Accidents, Hazardous Premises, Pharmaceuticals and Hazardous Medical Items are among their personal injury claims.

Siro Smith Dickson PC has been assisting clients in difficult times and complex legal difficulties since 1975. The firm takes care of new clients and cases, paying particular attention to each. Lawyers specialize in serious bodily injury and labor and employment law. Customers, peers and the community have all commended their team of seasoned specialists for their hard work and dedication.

Typically, a personal injury lawsuit is a tedious process that involves filing multiple documents, arranging for meetings, and negotiating with the other party’s insurers and lawyers. Filing a complaint, waiting for the complaint to be served, and receiving a response from the other party are all common steps in the process. The personal injury attorney near Kansas City is committed to helping injured people and their families navigate difficult times, as well as unfamiliar or complex legal issues they face.

The Kansas City car accident lawyer has fought for decades to protect and enforce the rights of its clients, as well as to obtain compensation for their injuries. Fortunately, clients don’t have to go through the legal process. Siro Smith Dickson PC personal injury lawyers will take care of everything for their clients. Lawyers take care of the rest once the client has scheduled a consultation with the firm.

Customers can rest assured that they are turning their cases over to the experts since Siro Smith Dickson PC has a proven track record of returning favorable rewards. The results of their accident and injury cases include an award of $ 8.1 million to a plaintiff, a settlement of $ 4.3 million for a woman with a head injury, a verdict of $ 325,000 to Columbia, Missouri for medical malpractice, and a $ 150,000 settlement for a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver, among others.

The huge success of Siro Smith Dickson PC can be attributed to the positive reviews from satisfied customers. They were able to find information that I didn’t know existed. They believed in me and above all believed in me. Thank you, Siro Smith Dickson, for the incredible result; my life has changed a lot thanks to your dedication.

To learn more about Siro Smith Dickson PC, visit their offices at 1621 Baltimore Avenue, Kansas City, MO, 64108, or contact the firm by phone at (816) 471-4881. For more information, visit their website.

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