San Francisco personal injury attorney highlights the dangers of distracted driving


San Francisco, California – The dangers and safety risks associated with distracted driving are very real and evident in data maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to the NHTSA, more than 3,100 lives have been lost in motor vehicle collisions caused by a distracted driver. And that number of deaths was only in 2020. Every year, distracted driving is responsible for far too many deaths and injuries from traffic accidents. For example, distracted driving results in approximately 280,000 bodily injuries per year.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident caused by a distracted motorist, you might be curious about your legal rights and whether it makes sense to file a personal injury claim with the distracted driver’s car insurance company. . If you are hesitant to file a claim or feel intimidated by the prospect of taking legal action due to the complexity of the claims process, you are not alone. There are a range of factors and issues that must be considered when assessing the viability of a personal injury claim. Some of the more pressing issues include: the availability of evidence to support your claim that the other motorist was responsible for the accident; maintain and compile medical bills, treatment plans and tax returns to reflect lost wages; filing deadlines and whether you have enough time to bring a lawsuit before the expiry of the applicable statute of limitations, etc.

The complexity associated with the personal injury claims process is one of the many reasons it can be a good idea to hire a competent auto accident attorney in San Francisco. When you have an auto accident attorney on your side, it can level the proverbial level playing field with the auto insurance company and its team of defense attorneys. It is also important to note that plaintiffs who hire a personal injury attorney regularly receive higher settlement offers and higher total settlement agreements, compared to plaintiffs who attempt to negotiate independently. For example, in a recent car accident case, The Geller Firm negotiated a settlement on behalf of a client that was 23 times higher than what the insurance company had offered them before retaining The Geller Firm. Once The Geller Firm became involved and began building its client’s case, settlement offers increased and the claim was eventually resolved for an amount acceptable to The Geller Firm’s client.


The Geller Firm provides effective legal advice and representation to victims of preventable accidents in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Michael Geller is a knowledgeable and respected personal injury attorney. For example, Mr. Geller was awarded the Clients’ Choice Award in 2021 by Avvo, one of the largest independent attorney rating services in the United States.

Contacting the Geller firm is a risk-free and very rewarding proposition since Mr. Geller provides free and confidential case reviews to all potential clients. Additionally, Mr. Geller handles personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing out of pocket to hire Mr. Geller and he is only compensated when you are compensated.

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