Riots in NE: Court Frames Charges in Cop Injury Case | Delhi News


New Delhi: A city court has indicted two people in a case related to gunshot wounds suffered by a police officer during riots in northeast Delhi last year.
Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Yadav indicted charges of riots, unlawful assembly, attempted murder and other relevant sections of the IPC against two people, both named Imran.
“… You both come from a particular community, along with your other (unidentified) associates, formed an illegal assembly, the object of which was to hinder officials in the performance of their duties, by deliberately causing serious injury by dismissing them, assaulting them and using criminal force in pursuit of the common purpose of such a gathering. You both, along with your other associates, have committed offenses punishable under Articles 143, 147 and 148 of the IPC (riots) read with Article 149 (unlawful assembly) and to my knowledge, ”said the court.
He added that the defendants, who were both allegedly part of an unlawful assembly with their associates, seriously injured Constable Deepak by intentionally or knowingly firing a shot that could have caused his death, both would have been guilty of murder, and thus, would have committed an offense punishable under Article 307 (attempted murder) IPC read with Article 149 (unlawful assembly) IPC.
Meanwhile, the court also indicted four other people – Dinesh Yadav, Babu, Sandeep, Tinku – in a case of alleged vandalism and burning of shops and homes in Gokalpuri on February 25.
He further brought charges against Sandeep Bhati for the offense of attempted murder and riot, claiming that Bhati, allegedly a member of an illegal assembly, had caused Shahrukh gunshot wounds “solely on the ground that he belonged to the other community ”.
All of the accused pleaded not guilty and demanded their trial.


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