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A Georgia judge has ordered that citations against a shipyard in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. For exposing employees to the risk of impact resulting in the death of an employee be quashed.

In July 2019, a site foreman identified as GE was using a 70-ton DAKE hydraulic press when she ejected a metal bar which struck him in the abdomen. Shortly thereafter, GE reported feeling ill to his colleagues and his wife, who immediately attended the scene and transported him to hospital where he underwent trauma surgery and succumbed to his injuries on. next morning. The cause of death was “complications from a blunt injury” to his abdomen, according to documents in OSHRC File No. 20-0208.

GE’s employer, Rolly Marine Service Co., reported the incident to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on the day of his death, and an investigation into the death began the next day. Based on employee interviews and safety footage, the investigating OSHA health and safety official claimed that GE’s blunt injury was caused by the hydraulic press from 70 tons and issued Rolly a serious two-point citation for exposing employees to beatings, crushing hazards and amputation. The proposed penalty was $ 13,260.

Rolly challenged and argued in court that the employee interview statements at OSHA were hearsay. After several challenges, the court ruled that all employee statements were admissible, except for GE’s wife, who is also an employee of Rolly. The court also found that the secretary of OSHA had not defined the hazards in terms of physical agents that could injure employees and rather poorly defined them in terms of a particular reduction method.

Citing these reasons, the court ordered that both summons be quashed.

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