Personal Injury Lawyers – Utica of Passalacqua & Associates, LLC with Over Thirty Years of Experience Obtain Fair Compensation for Clients


Passalacqua & Associates, LLC serves Utica, Syracuse, Mohawk Valley, and Rome, NY, as criminal defense and personal injury attorneys. Their skills have helped clients get acquitted and get the best possible compensation for their injuries.

According to announcements posted by Passalacqua & Associates, LLC, the personal injury attorneys – Utica at this law firm have represented clients in cases related to injuries or death from car accidents, dog bites, defective products, medical malpractice, etc.

Passalacqua & Associates, LLC – Personal Injury Lawyers understand that medical expenses after an injury can spell financial ruin for a family. They work with experienced consultants to review a client’s medical expenses to build a strong case and lobby for appropriate compensation. Damages for medical expenses can cover emergency treatment, operations, hospitalization, medication, rehabilitation, etc.

The Profile of Passalacqua & Associates, LLC Manta offers more information about this law firm.

An individual driving under the influence of drugs or while intoxicated faces misdemeanor or felony charges. According to sources, the DWI/DUI defense attorneys at this law firm advise clients of their legal options when defending charges against these criminal traffic violations.

Passalacqua & Associates, LLC’s team of experienced DUI/DWI attorneys evaluates the evidence against a client and reviews the actions of law enforcement. Through their investigations, they arrive at the best possible defense for their client. The law firm knows the resources legally available to the client and uses them when necessary.

Passalacqua & Associates assigns at least two attorneys to a client and always maintains all due diligence necessary to protect a client’s interests. Depending on the merits of a situation, the attorneys at this law firm will negotiate to have the charges dropped or reduced. They will try to enroll the client in a diversion or probation program. They are prepared to aggressively represent a client in court if a lawsuit cannot be avoided.

Passalacqua & Associates, LLC said, “The lawyers at Passalacqua & Associates, LLC represent their clients at every stage of litigation. From investigation to arrest and injury to trial, they will be on your side, aggressively fighting for your rights. They believe that everyone is entitled to the best possible representation. They provide comprehensive legal representation services in Utica, NY, at the state and federal levels.

In these trying times, a central New York trial attorney who is trustworthy, experienced, and skilled in trial practice is needed. Hiring the wrong legal team can jeopardize the rest of your life. Contact the attorneys at Passalacqua & Associates, LLC today. No amount of money can replace a loved one or help with a mental injury after a serious injury. The wrong personal injury lawyer won’t get you the result you deserve from pain and suffering. We have the case experience and past results we need to get you the compensation you deserve.

The attorneys at Passalacqua & Associates, LLC are ready to hear your case and help you get the resolution you need to recover and get your life back. Our knowledge of the latest tactics and technology will help you give your case the attention and outcome it deserves. Contact us today at 315-500-6425 for your consultation.

About the company:

Passalacqua & Associates, LLC is a personal injury law firm focused on recovering damages to help clients regain their integrity. He focuses on litigation and trial law. The legal representation and perspective this law firm brings to every case has earned it the respect of other law firms and successfully represented clients.

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