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How do you know what topic to write in a blog?

SACRAMENTO, California., July 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Lawyer Frédéric penney of Penney and Associates Injury Lawyers gives a very brief overview and some tips for businesses on how to determine what might be important to talk about in their blogs online. .

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You would think that as a lawyer for almost 30 years and having started my own firm almost as long ago, I would have no idea how to write a blog for a business other than a firm. lawyers. I have found that many times what works for a business can work for a business in a completely different field. I had the great pleasure of meeting a great mentor and professor of marketing principles for a law firm during these difficult pandemic times. Dimple Dang is someone who helps lawyers and law firms understand the nuances of marketing and navigate the social media space for lawyers and business people. Editor for Attorney at Law Magazine, it gives excellent insight into the need to market your law firm. However, I have learned that you can apply these same principles to your business as an accountant, financial advisor, entrepreneur, doctor, or any other business you might own. Everyone needs to know what their audience wants to hear because you can write about something that is very important to that individual, but if the audience doesn’t care then you’ve wasted your time. You also need to know how to present the facts and evidence behind that specific trending topic. What’s trending is very important when thinking about what to write for their next blog.

How to know what the audience is talking about

I sat at my computer struggling to think about what to write about the law that would be helpful to my readers – I often get Writer’s Block. I think about it for a moment, lay down a few topics and let them simmer for a day, then see how I feel about it the next day. I’ve learned to watch the latest legal news and see what’s going on by checking the websites of many news organizations. I also watch what topics my co-hosts and I will be talking about on Radio Law Talk. Whether it’s the latest legal, business or entertainment news; a good writer will try to review the latest trends and write about hot topics in their field. For example, if the last issue was a US Supreme Court case on free speech, I would write about it and how the Supreme Court ruling may or may not affect individuals’ lives or outcomes. from a company. When writing the article, look at both sides of the argument and try to see the reasoning on each side and compare the arguments of the opponents. If you want to give an opinion that’s fine, but be sure to present the other party’s argument so that readers can form their own opinion. This is what I find useful because it makes the reader think about both sides of the question or topic and forces them to contemplate the legal or business reasoning of the article.

If the latest news doesn’t help you determine what kind of blog the audience wants or needs, then the following is a great alternative. When you listen Dimple Dang during a virtual seminar, she said she uses a website that performs computer analysis and determines what the audience wants to hear. They form the questions that their computer analysis determines what everyone is talking about on social media and news and presents, in question form, the latest topics and trends of the day. . This website is called “Respond to Public” and allows a user to input a topic for free, then the website does a computer analysis and spits out the latest trending questions on that topic based on trends on social media and Internet. It basically helps bloggers figure out what people are talking about on social media and on the web. Now, I don’t get paid to endorse such a product, but I think it’s an important part of determining what one should blog about in their industry. The good thing about this website is that it is simple to use and allows you to quickly see the latest trending issues on a certain topic. For example, if I were to type “Response in case of injury” in the search bar on, it would list people interviewed on social media and the internet about personal injury cases. After doing this research, as of the date of this posting, I have found approximately 78 top questions that the computer has found, including the following. Are bodily injury claims taxable? Can a personal injury settlement be entered? How is bodily injury compensation calculated? A search under Financial Advice, the site resulted in 77 different questions, including the following. What financial advice can accountants give? Where can I get financial advice? What financial advice can I give? These examples will help you determine what questions people are asking and what is currently being discussed across all internet and social media platforms.

Finally, it is very important to narrow the topic when searching on This is because they only allow two searches per day, so if you search for something that you later think is not what you were looking for, you’ve lost one of your two searches. The website is great but only allows two searches per day if you use it for free. You can upgrade and pay for more searches per day, but focus on what you need and go from there. Questions and topics change, so be sure to follow up on today’s hottest topics and issues every week.

There are so many ways to determine what topics to blog about, but these few tips, I think, will be another way for businesses and law firms to talk about what’s most relevant so that their blogs are of interest to more people. go to their website and read the latest blog from the company or law firm. Enjoy your blog.



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