Personal Injury Lawyer Disrupts Industry For Good


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Born in Pittsburgh, Robert Simon has grown to become one of the nation’s leading personal injury lawyers. He is the founder of the Simon Law Group, widely known as the Justice Team for its exceptional legal practices. Robert is also shaping an innovative legal narrative by helping new lawyers succeed by leveraging their mentorship, resources and technology at the seat of justice.

Being the oldest son, Robert grew up with a desire to take care of all his family members, even friends and other relatives. It cultivated in him the desire and the passion to become the best litigator in the world. Most importantly, he was inspired to become a lawyer and represent other people, especially after seeing how his uncle’s case had been inappropriately handled. He made it his mission to represent those without a voice, which led him to enroll in Pepperdine University Law School in California.

After graduating, Robert immediately started working at a small testing firm representing the injured, after which he began his own practice. Although he started out small, Robert has grown considerably, operating in 5 sites with over 70 employees. Justice HQ has already broken barriers and caused major disruption in the legal community. It’s membership-based, where everyone is a consumer advocate fighting the good fight. All members must be vetted and voted on in the community. With membership, they have 24/7 access to all locations, the technology platform, and the ability to work on cases, media, and branding. Justice HQ is everything a solo or small firm needs to be successful, with rock star lawyers at their fingertips they can collaborate and think about.

Today Robert is recognized as one of the best legal mentors for litigators. He is also known to disrupt the industry in many ways with his unparalleled ability to evolve and change the practice of law. Through this Robert is making an impact on the industry and inspiring many other lawyers to reshape and rethink the way the law should be.

He also defines himself as a litigator by trade and prides himself on being a true visionary of the law. Whether it is the management of a law firm or the way of exercising his profession, he speaks several times a month to hundreds, even thousands of new lawyers in search of success, thus proclaiming a serial entrepreneur.

The goal now is to have Justice HQ in 50 sites with over 1000 members worldwide. Robert also plans to completely change the way people view lawyers and the way lawyers practice. In addition, he wants to change the current composition of the members of the Justice HQ, who are all currently lawyers for the plaintiffs, by moving into other legal sectors and becoming a guild of defense lawyers.

The Simon Law Group, aka Justice Team, will undoubtedly continue to follow the trend and break record after record. Scaling Justice HQ is a whole different take. Robert’s ultimate goal is to create the most respected group of litigators and litigators the world has ever seen and hopefully mentor them all.

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