Personal Injury Attorney Richard M. Kenny Received Verification from Lead Counsel in Civil Litigation, Personal Injury – Plaintiff


Richard M. Kenny, Esq. of The Law Firm of Richard M. Kenny received verification from Senior Civil Litigation Counsel, Personal Injury – Plaintiff. Thomson Reuters only recognizes lawyers who have a clean disciplinary record, years of legal experience and a solid reputation in their field.

Over the years, attorney Richard M. Kenny has fought effectively on behalf of accident victims throughout New York City and as a result has received a wide array of favorable awards and settlements.

For example, the law firm once recovered $13 million on behalf of a client who was injured in a car accident due to an unsafe pavement design. The individual had suffered catastrophic injuries that he would not have sustained if the road had not been so carelessly designed.

In another case, the law firm of Richard M. Kenny recovered $4.35 million on behalf of a construction worker who suffered brain damage after falling from scaffolding for failing to receive the appropriate safety equipment. Unfortunately, the individual suffered brain damage which prevented him from working for the rest of his life, however, the compensation he received as a result of the company’s efforts helped the individual achieve a more manageable quality of life.

In another case involving an injury at a construction site, a construction worker fell because he was not given the proper safety equipment. The opposition tried to claim that the construction worker had refused the safety equipment, but thanks to the investigation by the law firm of Richard M. Kenny, the opposite was proven and the individual received a $3.2 million settlement.

The law firm of Richard M. Kenny has been recognized for a wide range of accomplishments and has received various awards over the years, including the 2022 Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyer, America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators® for 2022 and named a Lawyer of Distinction.

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