Man put to the test in child injury case


POST FALLS – A man who pleaded guilty to grabbing a 13-year-old boy by the neck will be spending time on probation.

Adam K. Bortfeld, 48, of Post Falls, pleaded guilty in July to injuring a child, a felony, and assault and battery in the presence of a child, a misdemeanor.

The charges date back to April 17, when police responded to a report of domestic unrest at a Post Falls home.

At the scene, a woman who identified as Bortfeld’s girlfriend said Bortfeld raped her in the garage before dragging her to the bedroom.

Bortfeld then forced a 13-year-old family member to go to the bedroom with them, she said.

He allegedly locked the woman and the teenager in the bedroom with him for several hours.

The teenager told police Bortfeld grabbed him by the throat and pinned him to the bed.

Bortfeld later denied choking the boy, but admitted grabbing him by the neck.

The woman said she escaped from the bedroom and fled to a neighbor’s house, who called the police.

The teenager also called 911, according to court documents, and told the dispatch he believed Bortfeld had broken the woman’s wrist.

Bortfeld left the scene before the police arrived.

A judge has issued an arrest warrant for Bortfeld for rape, second-degree kidnapping, child injury and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

In Idaho, a child injury occurs when a person willfully causes or allows to place a child in a position that causes or is likely to cause serious bodily injury, suffering, or death.

After Bortfeld’s arrest on April 30, Judge Clark Peterson ordered that he be held on $ 750,000 bond.

Judge Robert Caldwell subsequently granted a motion to lower Bortfeld’s bond to $ 250,000.

The state dismissed the rape and kidnapping charges as part of a plea deal. Bortfeld pleaded guilty to the other counts.

First District Judge Rich Christensen sentenced Bortfeld last week to six years in prison, two years fixed and four indeterminate.

Christensen then suspended the sentence and placed Bortfeld on supervised probation for three and a half years.

He also imposed a sentence of 230 days in jail, with credit for the 143 days Bortfeld had spent in jail from the time of conviction.

Bortfeld must pay the boy approximately $ 2,275 in legal costs and civil penalties.

A no-contact order prohibits Bortfeld from contacting his ex-girlfriend or the child.


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