Mamaroneck homebuilder bankruptcy ends roofer’s $9.5 million injury case


A Mamaroneck homebuilder facing a potential $9.5 million civil court judgment for a roofer injured on one of his projects has filed for bankruptcy.

JBD Development Corp. and 69 Mamaroneck Road Corp., operated by Jordan Dubbs, filed for Chapter 7 liquidation on June 30 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in White Plains.

JBD reported only $2,509 in assets and 69 Mamaroneck reported $0, compared to $9.5 million in liabilities.

69 Mamaroneck Road, Scarsdale

The only liability listed in both cases is an ongoing civil lawsuit filed by Yonkers’ Roger Mejia, which Dubbs lists as contested.

Mejia sued the companies in 2017 for injuries he suffered in 2016 at a construction site at 69 Mamaroneck Avenue in Scarsdale. JBD Development was the general contractor, according to court records, and 69 Mamaroneck Corp. owned the property.

Dubbs said in a deposition that he was building a 7,000 square foot home. Zillow now lists the property as a 7-bedroom, 11-bathroom, 13,767-square-foot home.

Dubbs bought the property in 2015 for $2.25 million, according to property records, and sold it in 2018 for $6.4 million.

Mejia, a roofer for ten years, was employed by a subcontractor. On Oct. 5, 2016, he was installing shingles with a nail gun, according to court records, while standing on scaffolding, harnessed and tied to an anchor.

Other subcontractors had drilled holes in the roof for three chimneys. The section where Mejia worked had been covered with a shield of ice and water.

His brother, also a roofer, was working about 10 to 20 feet away and called for help. Mejia unhooked his harness because he didn’t have enough rope to reach his brother, he said in a deposition. He descended from the scaffolding, walked towards his brother and fell through the chimney hole.

He suffered serious head and back injuries, was hospitalized for nine days and lost his job. He was 31 years old.

Mejia sued Dubbs’ companies in Westchester Supreme Court, arguing that they had been negligent and violated state labor laws that require safe working conditions.

Mejia testified in deposition that he was in charge of the roofing crew and part of his responsibilities included connecting the harness anchors. He knew that the chimney hole had been cut and that colleagues had placed the ice and water shield over the hole a few weeks before the accident. But he said the opening was unmarked, he didn’t know exactly where it was, and the shield made everything look the same.

Dubbs’ companies have denied Mejia’s allegations, arguing, for example, that Mejia’s injuries were caused by his own negligence.

But when Dubbs’ attorney missed two trial dates, Westchester Supreme Court Justice Lewis J. Lubell ordered a damages inquiry for Mejia. The inquest was to take place on June 30.

By seeking Chapter 7 protection, Dubbs has ended the investigation and any attempt to collect damages, at least temporarily, while the bankruptcy case is reviewed.

Dubbs is represented by attorneys Robert L. Rattet and Jonathan S. Pasternak. Mejia is represented by Christopher Gorayeb.


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