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Dublin, December 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The question of how and why legal services should be made readily available to the general public has been discussed for years now, and it never fails to generate enough opinions. strong from people.

Legal services and attorney fees are often quite expensive and out of the price range of most people. This unfortunately means that the poorest people are at a disadvantage compared to the rich people who can hire a lawyer to defend their case in court without batting an eyelid. For example, if a working-class person is injured and cannot work, they not only suffer from painful injuries and missed income, but they also have to worry about not having the means to hire a lawyer who specializes in bodily injury to assist with a personal injury claim.

Some countries offer legal aid to help people cover legal costs, but unfortunately this can usually only fund lawyers in criminal cases and litigation – including personal injury and medical negligence claims – is not covered. in Ireland. This is where no win no fee agreements come into play.

What is a no-win, no-cost deal?

Simply put, a no-win, no-cost agreement means that the attorneys you choose bear the costs and fees of a personal injury claim for you, and if you lose your claim, you won’t be required to pay your claim. lawyer. It should be noted that there may be other fees and costs for the legal team at your opposing insurance company, but most personal injury lawyers will be happy to prepare an insurance policy for you. who will cover you for those costs, fees or expenses if you have to. to lose.

On the other hand, if your case ends up either through negotiation or in court, then you will have to pay your attorneys’ fees.

To learn more about no-win, no-cost agreements or to book a consultation to discuss your legal options after a personal injury accident, call Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin today!

No winnings, no cost agreements in Ireland

The rules and regulations regarding no-win, no-charge deals may vary depending on the country concerned.

In Ireland, all lawyers are regulated by the Law Society of Ireland which prohibits advertising of agreements without gain or fees – this ban includes leaflets, brochures and websites. It is also illegal for lawyers to charge fees based on the amount or percentage of compensation awarded.

However, the Law Society allows lawyers to offer an agreement without gain or fees to clients without publicity.

Still confused about winless, no-cost deals in Ireland? Some people find it strange that law firms cannot advertise deals without gain or fees, but are still allowed to offer them to their clients. If you would like to discuss in detail how no-win, no-cost agreements work, feel free to get more information – just call Personal Injury Solicitors today or complete the online contact form and a team member. will be happy to help you!

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Personal Injury Solicitors is a Dublin-based specialist law firm specializing in personal injury and medical negligence cases primarily in Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow, but also across Ireland.

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