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Tulsa, okay – LaCourse Law is engaged in representing those injured due to the negligence of others in Tulsa. the Law office brings aggressive advocacy with uncompromising integrity to achieve goals and obtain damages for clients while ensuring they remain worthy in court. Although lawyers are tough and aggressive when defending the rights of their clients, they value professional ethics, professionalism, integrity and honesty.

The firm’s well-trained and experienced personal injury attorneys practice law from a Christian paradigm, integrating biblical standards into legal practice. LaCourse Law attorneys believe in advocacy, which is why they advise clients on the likely outcome of their cases, educate them on the complexities of legal proceedings, and offer additional support when needed. They focus on representing victims of injuries due to the negligence of others to help them obtain damages for medical bills, hospital bills, past/future lost wages, property damage, funeral expenses, reduced earning capacity and emotional trauma.

Every year, millions of people are involved in devastating car, truck, motorcycle and boat accidents, resulting in serious injuries to pedestrians, drivers, passengers and other road users. Recovering from injuries from an accident is stressful enough without worrying about the legalities surrounding personal injury law. LaCourse Law sues insurance companies, large corporations and other responsible parties on behalf of victims to help ease the financial burden caused by traffic accidents.

Like a Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer, attorneys are knowledgeable about the laws that protect consumers from defective/harmful products to offer personalized representation. They hold parties accountable for releasing products that have posed a risk to users, including medical devices, food, machinery, vehicle parts, and drugs. Although defective product cases are complicated, attorneys understand that each case has unique principles, procedures, and outcomes to offer representation based on a client’s needs.

LaCourse Law also supports victims of slip-and-fall accidents resulting from lack of lighting, structural defects, spilled liquids, misplaced mats, uneven walking surfaces, and improperly placed signs. Although slips and falls may not seem like a big deal, the injuries have lifelong consequences, requiring extensive medical care, medication, and sometimes physical therapy. For this reason, attorneys sue landlords, business owners, landlords, and tenants to protect the rights of the injured.

When doctors, nurses, medical professionals, hospitals and healthcare facilities make mistakes, patients suffer catastrophic injuries, brain damage, spinal cord injury, emotional trauma and wrongful death. LaCourse Law intervenes to address medical malpractice and abuse in nursing homes claim to provide monetary relief that eases the financial burdens caused by negligent medical care.

To experience wound representation with a biblical twist, call (918) 744-7100 to schedule an appointment or visit the law firm’s website. LaCourse Law is located at 715 South Elgin Avenue, Tulsa, OK, 74120, USA.

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