How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim: 6 Tips


You may have recently been involved in an accident and suffered a physical injury as a result.

If the incident occurred due to the recklessness or negligence of others, you may have the right to submit a claim for bodily injury. Personal injury lawsuits can, unfortunately, be an expensive and time-consuming process, causing a lot of stress when you just want to focus on a full recovery.


If you are considering taking legal action against someone, this article will give you 6 tips on how to win your personal injury claim.

1. Get legal help

A personal injury lawyer can assist you every step of the way, telling you what your rights are. They can tell you when to submit your claim and what evidence you need to collect. The lawyer will have a good idea of ​​how much compensation you should claim and the chances of getting it. Insurance companies often refuse to pay, so a lawyer can fight aggressively on your behalf.

You can learn a lot about lawyers by visiting their individual websites, which can help you choose the best option. According to Custodio & Dubey LLP personal injury law firm people want professionals with years of experience who can provide aggressive representation. They also want access to live chats, customer reviews, and team photos, as well as the ability to schedule free case reviews.

2. Get medical attention

The first thing you need to do after you have been injured is to have yourself evaluated by a healthcare professional. You may be referred for x-rays, scans, or specialist appointments to receive a full diagnosis and receive the appropriate treatment. Your diagnosis is one of the factors that will be used to assess the correct amount of compensation.

Make sure you take all of your prescription medications and do any exercise recommended by your physiotherapist or chiropractor.

3. Collect medical evidence

The medical records created will be extremely valuable if the other party’s insurance company tries to underpay or outright dismiss your claims. Things like photos of your injuries will support your case of pain, suffering and trauma.

Your lawyer will need to know what treatment was provided in order to claim the expenses and to determine how your future income could be affected. You may not be able to work again, you may only be able to work part-time, or you may have to pursue a different career as a result of your injury. Your home may also require special modifications, such as wheelchair ramps, tubs or walk-in showers, or a stairlift. All of those things would be factored into the claim.

4. Gather witness statements

Someone may be present at the scene of the accident and may be willing to cooperate and make a statement. If this confirms your side of events, it will help to strengthen the case considerably.

They could speak on your phone or provide their contact details and a written statement.

5. Collect additional evidence


Photos And Journal

Take photos of your injuries as soon as they were sustained at the scene of the accident for evidence. Keep an accident log as soon as possible. This is a document that details all of your injuries and how long it takes for them to heal. This can be relied on during the case process as further evidence.

Police reports

If the police were present at the scene, ask them to report what they saw. Police accident reports can be used as additional evidence in court. Police officers are trained to make precise observations at the scene of an accident, which is why they can provide valuable information for your case.

6. Be careful who you talk to

Let your lawyer be the only person talking to your insurance company because they are not on your side and you should always be careful with yourself. They will look for ways to trip you up by saying something that could compromise or invalidate your claim.

Don’t talk about your accident on social media either, as they may check your accounts and use your posts against you (e.g. if the toll of events differs). If you’re sick from your illness, pictures of yourself at the gym or on vacation might also work against you. Let your lawyer do all the negotiation about the settlement numbers and decide what to accept or reject.

Over time, hopefully, you will earn your claim and be compensated for your pain and expenses. You can then take charge of your life, knowing that justice has been served.

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