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How often you should hear from your personal injury lawyer depends on some important information that I will share with you today. In fact, the frequency with which your personal injury lawyer hears from you and communicates with you has a real impact on your case and the level of customer service.

How often you should hear from your personal injury attorney depends on what stage of your case you are currently in. If you are early in your case and generally seek medical treatment, you will hear less from your lawyer than if your case is later in litigation or at the trial stage. You should be informed of important developments in your case on a weekly or monthly basis.

How often your attorney communicates with you and how often you hear from the attorney depends on the attorney’s customer service. Some lawyers are not good at talking and talking regularly with their clients. This is not a good sign and it may even be negligence.

So if you don’t hear from your attorney often, I recommend that you at least take the time to get a free personal injury consultation with a more experienced attorney. Most successful lawyers know the importance of communication with the client better than the average personal injury lawyer.

Should You Hear From Your Personal Injury Lawyer? How many times?

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It’s important to talk to your lawyer often and hear from them as much as possible. In fact, attorneys have an actual legal obligation as licensed professional attorneys to communicate with them about important developments in their clients’ cases.

So if your attorney is not doing their part, it’s fine that you review and research this case. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a good relationship with your personal injury lawyer. So if it fails, it could be a sign that your case is failing as well.

You should hear from your personal injury attorney about your medical treatment state bills and medical records, negotiations with adjusters, any settlement offers offered or received, issues your case may have or is facing, and more.

A new personal injury lawyer can hear about your case.

If your lawyer does not tell you about your case. Why choose this lawyer when there are so many other lawyers to choose from?

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