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VALPARAISO – A new delay has been given to the trial of Curtis Jones, a former Porter County police officer accused of beating his toddler son and leaving the boy disabled and with a much shorter life expectancy.

This time, the worsening COVID-19 pandemic is blamed, both for the threat it would pose to trial participants and because it has already had an impact on the accused’s lead counsel. , according to court records.

Lead attorney, who is not identified in the defense motion for the delay, tested positive for the potentially fatal virus on December 15 and “was unable to prepare for trial due to symptoms and do not know how long these interruptions will continue “.

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Jones, 51, is represented by Portage lawyers John Vouga and Nicholas Barnes.

Porter Superior Court Judge Mike Fish granted the delay, stating: “The safety of the parties, their lawyers, court staff, the large number of jurors and witnesses, the general public and all the family and friends of those involved in the trial are of primary concern to the court. “

“Indiana would be the most dangerous state in the union when it comes to public safety from COVID-19,” the judge said.

Porter County has been given the red designation, which means that “the court is not advised to conduct this trial as more than 25 people will be gathered inside during this spike in infections of the ‘omicron’ variant,” Fish said.

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