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Houston, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – It’s no secret that if you are in a car accident and sustain injuries or lose a loved one, you unfortunately won’t see much compassion from from insurance companies. The very nature of their business is to pay as little as possible and keep their profits high, and this corporate mindset ignores emotion or empathy.

While avoiding payouts has always been the goal of insurance companies, Houston residents are now being warned of an increase in the number of deceptive auto accident insurance experts contacting you soon after your collision. . The sole purpose of the expert is to discredit your case while you are vulnerable and reduce the amount of any potential compensation that is yours.

This is all too familiar for Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney, who was a specialist road collision attorneys in Houston for over 30 years. Fleming Law believes unsuspecting drivers are caught off guard by insurance adjusters and, to fight back, they are championing a program to help Houston residents understand their rights in the event of an accident.

Below, Fleming Law describes what to do if you are involved in a car accident and contacted by an adjuster on behalf of the other driver:

1. Know your rights and do not give out any information – this could be detrimental to you

If the other drivers’ insurance adjuster contacts you, you should understand:

  • The insurance expert doesn’t care about you or your injuries
  • The claims adjuster and the insurance company only care about saving money
  • They want to pay you as little as possible for your injuries

If this is the first time you’ve been involved in a collision, it’s important to remember that you have rights and that you must take steps to protect your right to full compensation.

Talk to an experienced car accident lawyer before passing on information to an expert, even if you think it is insignificant. Claims adjusters are just as skilled as litigators at formulating questions and getting answers that only benefit the insurance company.

2. Document the facts and speak to an auto accident lawyer

Being in a car accident can be traumatic. All kinds of things are jostling in your head as your brain tries to process the shock and make sense of the questions you are asking yourself, such as are you injured, will it cost a lot of money to fix my vehicle, are other drivers injured, and will this have a lasting impact on your life.

However, time is running out. Always take care of yourself and your injuries first. Then, it is extremely important to document the facts, either immediately after the accident or as soon as possible after the accident, in order to be able to start building your case.

  • Take pictures of the incident, if possible, from a safe location
  • Make a voice recording on your phone, documenting what happened
  • Get a police report
  • Take pictures of the other driver’s license and insurance information

The next step is to speak to Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney, who can help you gather the evidence and information you have, and represent you with exceptional quality and experience, seeking full compensation for the damages you are suffering from. due.

3. Understand How To Recover Damage After A Houston Car Crash

Car accidents are very common in Houston. Whether it’s hit and run and head-on collisions, rear-end accidents or left turns, there are many types of accidents, large and small. Yet, if you are involved in a car accident, it is very unlikely that you will know what types of damage you can recover.

Usually, damage is categorized as “pain and suffering,” which refers to the non-economic damage associated with serious bodily injury. It can refer not only to physical pain but also to emotional distress.

The damage you can recover may depend on other drivers types of auto insurance coverage, the severity of your injury, the medical treatment or rehabilitation you had to undergo, the length of recovery and the long-term effects on your life.

Earlier you contact Fleming Law Personal Injury Lawyer – Houston after an accident, the sooner they can get to work documenting your claim and helping you recover maximum compensation.

The best auto accident attorneys only ask to be paid if they win your case

You may be worried about paying for quality legal representation. These concerns can be allayed with Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney – Houston, because if they don’t win your case, you pay nothing. It really is that simple. Browse their Opinion of a lawyer specializing in car accidents in Houston for further proof of their exceptional win rates.

More information:

Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney was defended by Michael P. Fleming, who sadly passed away in July 2020. Until his death, he was consistently ranked as one of the top auto accident attorneys in Houston. Michael has brought together some of the best attorneys from all over Texas, and this team now runs the business with the same courage, professionalism and exceptional character as Michael. If you’re injured in an accident, Fleming Law PC is the team for you. Find out more via the site: https://flemingattorneys.com/



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