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The days and weeks following an accident can be a whirlwind of emotions as you try to navigate what can often be a complex and bumpy road. We are here today to try to facilitate the process for you.

Here is the documentation you need to have on hand to show your Florida personal injury attorney after an accident.

Medical records

Before meeting with your attorney, gather all of your relevant medical records. These will be some of the most essential documents for your case. If you’re waiting for bills or medical reports to arrive, bring what you have and note that you’re expecting more documentation so you don’t forget anything.

Police report

You should also have a copy of the police report. Officers on site were tasked with documenting what had happened. They do this by filing an official police report. This documentation can be useful for your lawyer because it indicates who is responsible for the accident. They can also locate smaller details in the report that may be important and that you may have overlooked.

Contact details of witnesses

It is also good to have a witness contact list. Witnesses can help reconstruct the accident and offer their testimony about what they saw happen. Usually the witnesses will be listed on the police report, but always get a list in case they are forgotten.

Photographic evidence

In addition to the documentation we named above, you should also have photographic evidence of the accident, including the scene, vehicles and road conditions. Vehicle damage can also show why your injuries may be more serious. In addition to photos, consider taking a video for a clear and large image.

Insurance Information

After the accident, you should get the other driver’s insurance information. The lawyer will also want to see this documentation. They will use the information in the insurance policy to determine your percentage of expenses that may be covered. This helps when building your case.

Information on lost wages

If you had to temporarily stop working because of the accident, you want to have documentation that describes it. Even when you have minor injuries, you may need to take some time off to recover and get to your medical appointments.

List the dates and times you were unable to work and bring copies of pay stubs or your W-2 forms to prove the amount of lost income.

Your personal account

Finally, as there is a lot of information that you will need to convey during your first visit with the lawyer, it is useful to have a written personal account of the accident and the details, so that you don’t forget anything.

Since your other documents will cover the more specific details, your personal account can be a timeline of events and how the accident affected your life.

Above all, you want to stay in close contact with your Florida personal injury attorney, so you can get any other documents needed to prove your case. Your attorney can also help you determine what evidence you need and whether or not you have a case.

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