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Can I handle a personal injury claim myself?

Although you have the right to have your personal injury case dealt with, you should understand that these claims are complex and the liable party’s insurance company may not be fair. Moreover, it has been proven that if you hire a personal injury lawyer, you can end up receiving a lot more in compensation than if you took care of it yourself. That’s a good reason to call and get help right away.

An insurance company protects its assets

It is common for the other party to use their own insurance representative or attorney to try to avoid accepting responsibility for any type of accident. Insurance companies have an interest in making money, not paying it.

A team of investigators will also work for the insurance company to find information to use against you to reduce the settlement. They may claim that you are partly responsible for the accident or that the injuries you suffered are not as serious as you claim. It can be difficult to answer the accusation if you deal with them yourself.

The supply is probably much lower than what you need

Insurance companies are known to offer a lowball rules then leaving you with a mountain of medical bills and other expenses. By assuming the insurance company onlythey will probably try to make you accept much less than you deserve.

Conversely, a personal injury lawyer can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. Additionally, they can collect evidence and talk to witnesses who can testify to what really happened. It’s much easier to get the compensation you deserve if you have an experienced lawyer handling your case.

Identify the evidence to prove your case

The other party must be held liable for the accident for your case to succeed. You may find it difficult if you do not understand the legal process. Personal injury attorneys are skilled at finding and gathering evidence that proves an opponent’s negligence. In addition to helping you file documents as soon as possible, they can also help you meet deadlines.

There is a lot of paperwork

In California, the limitation period to file a personal injury claim is two years. It is easy to make a mistake when filing documents if you are unfamiliar with the process. A police report and an insurance claim form will need to be completed if you have been involved in a car accident. If your case is supported by medical records and bills, you may also need to obtain many other documents.

A personal injury lawsuit can be extremely long and complicated. The compensation you deserve could be lost if you don’t have a lawyer to handle your case and protect your rights. The best chance of winning your case requires the services of a personal injury attorney. Starting a personal injury claim is as easy as making a phone call.

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