Cork girl receives € 375,000 in birth injury case against CUMH


A young girl who allegedly suffered a shoulder injury during her delivery at the University of Cork maternity hospital has settled a lawsuit in the High Court for € 375,000.

Ciara Kelly, now 11, remained with a significant but not deep disability and her ability to play sports is affected, the High Court said.

The little girl, it was claimed, suffered a left shoulder injury, known as shoulder dystocia, during her delivery on March 28, 2010.

His attorney, Liam Reidy SC on behalf of attorneys for James O’Brien & Co, told the court it was their case, too much force was used to extract the baby during delivery.

He said his camp also argued that Ciara’s mother should have been given the option of having a Caesarean section because it was her third child.

Ciara Kelly had, through her mother Lisa Kelly of Glanmire, County Cork, sued the HSE over the circumstances of Ciara’s birth at the University of Cork Maternity Hospital on March 28, 2010.

The action concerned the provision of obstetrical and prenatal care and care during childbirth, who allegedly suffered a shoulder injury known as Erb’s palsy.

It was alleged that there had been an alleged failure to recognize or diagnose in time or not at all that the baby at the time of delivery would be a large baby. in order to avoid injury.

Rejected requests

The complaints were dismissed.

Mr Reidy told the court that Ciara was a very cheerful girl and spoke to her via Zoom calls. He said his left arm was working but not ideally.

He said the young girl wanted to be a teacher and that there was nothing in the injury that would prevent her from achieving it.

Ms Lisa Kelly told the court they were happy to accept the settlement. Asked by Judge Paul Coffey about her daughter’s condition, she replied that she was fine and enjoying her summer vacation.

Approving the settlement, Judge Paul Paul Coffey said it was prudent to rule on the offer made. He also offered his best wishes to Ciara.

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