Cindy Lange-Kubick: The Personal Injury Lawyer Who Plays The Cello And The Painful Road To Getting There | Local


This time he hired a personal injury lawyer.

And then he became one too.

There he is in an advertisement for the Berry law firm, wearing a suit and gold tie with a cello in the middle.

He sits with his cello and plays Bach.

He is at his desk reviewing documents.


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Then he looks at the camera, telling potential customers that he knows what it’s like to get caught and he knows what it’s like to fight to get it back.

He resisted the filming of the ad. He didn’t want to market his story, Collingham says. And he doesn’t share that story with most of the clients who come to see him after being injured in an accident.

But he will if it seems fair, such as when a client was hesitant to receive the steroid injections recommended by their doctor. The same treatment Collingham received after his two accidents. He urged the man to take them, explaining how they had helped.

“Such a small thing, but for me, one of the first times I felt personal experience was helping someone else.”

After graduating from college with a major in music performance and a minor in business, the cellist tried a job in the corporate world, but it left him cold.


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