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Miami personal injury attorney David H. Charlip of Charlip Law Group publishes a new article explaining that settlements are higher with the help of a Florida personal injury attorney. The lawyer explains that when a person has been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it is very important for them to understand what they are legally entitled to. Ensuring that the victim is offered a fair settlement is part of the lawyer’s duties.

According to the Miami personal injury attorney, “Without legal assistance, you rely on the insurance company to compensate you fairly and adequately. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. The Insurance Research Council itself published a study that showed that injured parties got 3.5% more in settlements if they were represented by a lawyer.

In the article, attorney Charlip adds that proving negligence in a personal injury claim can be complex. There are specific elements that must be proven for an accident victim to be entitled to compensation.

The lawyer adds that after an accident, a victim must fight for a fair settlement or pay their own expenses out of pocket. Without the assistance of a qualified attorney, insurance companies may underestimate the victim’s compensation. The victims generally left with much less compensation than they would have had if they had had a lawyer at their side.

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