BridgePoint Expert Access Alleviates Common Problems For Personal Injury Lawyers


Jeffery Crannie, Principal of Crannie Law, has been using Expert Access since the inception of the program because “like any business, you quickly learn that cash flow management is essential and that a two-year interest-free source of funding for reports. expert is certainly helpful. . “If the case is resolved within this timeframe, ‘you don’t have to spend a dime,’ he notes, and one of its biggest advantages is flexibility: if a case takes longer, it there is the option of paying it at that time or at the time of settlement, as a cash out. For a small business like his, he says, itIt’s invaluable service.

Ultimately, Expert Access addresses a major market problem, says James R. Howie, founding partner of Howie Sacks & Henry LLP. Most lawyers face varying levels of financial pressure on a case-by-case basis, and the program helps alleviate the enormous pressure on a firm.the capital.

“It is troubling to think of how some cases can be settled for less than their full value because of the financial pressures on the plaintiff’s lawyer,” Howie said.

Through the expert search tool, Expert Access also serves as a one-stop-shop for retaining “top-notch experts who have been selected for their expertise,” Howie adds. The search feature offers hundreds of in-depth profiles of experts from across the country in a variety of disciplines, which BridgePoint portal users can search by name, region, specialty, and sub-specialty to find the most qualified expert for their case. BridgePoint offers support services from its experienced members to help with the matchmaking process, if applicable. Pauwels adds, “Our portal has become an active meeting place where experts can introduce themselves to the hundreds of lawyers who use our service, and vice versa.

Litwiniuk, who notes that his firm is “particular about the experts we work with,” calls the program an “extremely useful resource,” and is delighted that the majority of his firm’s favorite experts have already signed up.

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