5 tips for hiring an injury lawyer


Sooner or later virtually everyone will have to hire a lawyer.

Here are some basic tips to help you find a good one. When the need to hire a lawyer arises, things can get more complex than a trip to a search engine. It’s a good idea to do a real investigative job for any prospective lawyer by reading their reviews first. What are their former clients saying about them? Were they happy to work with this lawyer and, most importantly, would they work with them again?

Getting accurate information is the key


While reviewing a potential law firm, it is wise to seek experience in handling similar cases. It is also prudent to review the verdicts in these cases, and a law firm like Levin Personal Injury Law Firm can provide this type of information.

Most states have a bar responsible for authorizing and regulating lawyers under their jurisdiction. A visit to the state’s website will reveal valuable information about member attorneys, such as where they attended law school and if they were disciplined. The state bar will also show the specialty of the lawyer’s practice.

A company’s reputation matters

A lawyer’s reputation with the insurance industry can make a big difference in the way a case is handled. But, if a lawyer has a reputation for settling a large number of cases without going to court, the insurance company may be less likely to negotiate a deal that is in the best interests of the client.

Taking a case to court is expensive for insurance companies, and if they work with a lawyer who they believe will take a case to court if necessary, they are more willing to negotiate a fair settlement.

Communication is something that is often overlooked when hiring a lawyer. Most people appreciate a lawyer or law firm who will keep them up to date on the progress of their case. This information can be obtained by reading the previously mentioned reviews. Not being informed of the progress of the matter can lead to frustration and worry.

Don’t overlook the answer “Gut”

The comfort level when meeting with a potential lawyer is also something every client will need to explore. Did they show a sense of confidence about the case when speaking with the potential client, or was it rather reluctance? Perhaps, more importantly, how did they make you feel? Did they feel like someone you can trust, or did they seem to raise doubts or concerns? The knowledge and skills of this lawyer could potentially determine the financial future for you and your family, therefore, having the right chemistry is essential.

How much will it all cost?


Understanding the cost or how the fee structure works before you hire will clear up any misunderstanding afterwards. The most common options in this area are an hourly rate or a contingency. If there will be an hourly rate, it is essential to know exactly how much that rate will be. An hourly rate is another reason to ensure that the lawyer chosen has experience in similar cases. If there is a contingency, how will it be structured? Knowing and understanding the financial arrangement from the start will cause less stress for both parties.

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