5 factors that affect the value of personal injury claims


Victims of personal injury accidents can’t help but wonder how much their injury claim will be worth. This led some victims to switch from one lawyer to another, trying to find one who would help them get the highest compensation.

While it’s good to have an idea of ​​the value of your claim, clients who settle for lawyers because they promise to get them higher amounts end up making mistakes. Take the example of a lawyer who promises an exact amount, a red flag.

There is no specific formula for calculating the value of bodily injury cases. Every claim is different, and there are many factors to consider before settling. A reputable personal injury law firm will help you understand the factors affecting your claim and set reasonable expectations.

What Factors Affect the Settlement of Personal Injury Claims?

1. Degree of injury

Accidents lead to different types of injuries. Some victims will suffer serious injuries, including brain damage, broken bones, back injuries and other serious injuries. At the same time, some will come out of the accident with soft tissue injuries and bruises.

The more serious the injuries, the higher the settlement payout. If your injuries result in permanent ailments, your lawyer will need to estimate the cost of future treatment. With such, the victim gets paid more, but their case will also take longer.

2. How has the injury affected your life?

The level to which injuries affect the daily life of the victim is another factor to consider when deciding on bodily injury cases. Some injuries cause disability, affect the victim’s ability to return to a previous job, or prevent them from performing normal activities of living. In such cases, the defendant will pay more to the victim.

If the negligence led to libel or mental illness, you will need to prove the calculable effects on your personal life, business or profession.

3. Proof of liability

You cannot win a personal injury claim without proof of liability. Your lawyer should be able to show that the person at fault is fully responsible for the injuries. The ability to prove liability affects the value and the time taken to resolve your case.

If the victim contributes to the cause of the accident, the value of the claim decreases. In some situations, they do not receive any payment. Note that hiding mistakes can turn the whole thing against you. Honesty is essential in personal injury cases.

4. Ability to attract bad publicity

There is nothing worse than bad publicity. If you are injured in an accident where the person at fault is likely to attract bad exposure, you will be paid more.

If the person at fault is a prominent figure whose business or career will be affected by lawsuits, they will do everything to protect their name.

5. Previous Injury Cases Against Defendant

If the offending party’s services or products have already caused injury, you are liable for substantial sums. Due to the breach of safety rules, the court will order the defendant to pay you more. In addition, they will need to make changes to their services or products to prevent future injuries.

Work with a personal injury lawyer

Before filing a personal injury claim, consult a lawyer. They will look at the factors that will affect the value of your claim. With the right information, you’ll know what to expect.

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